There are girls for whom the anal sex is simply a taboo subject.

Anal Sex Can Be Really Satisfying

The society or maybe the family made them simply afraid to talk about it, not mention trying it. They may like it or even love it, but what they were told about it makes them feel denigrated or even guilty in some way if they try the backdoor sex. The female anus, just like the male one, is an erogenous area with many nervous terminations that provoke a lot of pleasure when and if they are stimulated in a correct way. This is why there are women who can reach an orgasm just by the backdoor way. Although one of four women practices it, this type of sex remains taboo and the most of the women rejects it because of what they’ve heard: it is ‘abnormal’, not hygienic, it hurts and so on.

Until a teen or a woman explores it by herself, all these are simply assumptions. Or they represent the opinion of the majority, which, due to the human nature, it can be so different. If exploring your bum with a partner is such a forbidden subject, imagine how it’s like to try it with a stepdad! Shocking for the most of the people, right?

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Step-daughters Seduced By Dads

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